A poetry game for children, designed for het “VanGogh Huis”, Zundert.


“Het Vincent van GoghHuis” is a small museum based in Zundert, a tiny village in the south of the Netherlands, very close to the Belgium border. There a two things that put this countryside village on the map: Their yearly flower parade and the fact that Vincent van Gogh, the famous painter was born here in 1853.

Over 150 years later the house where Van Gogh was born is transformed into a museum and documentation centre. “Het van Gogh Huis” is not a traditional museum but an active world of experiences, for art lovers as well as tourists.

For the museum I designed an educational program as a part of the new exhibition about the famous writer and poet Henriette Roland Holst. The program exists out of two parts: a boardgame in the classroom and a poetry tour in the forests where Henriette Roland Holst used to live. During this poetry tour the children learn about poetry in a fun and active way. They listen, make sounds, rime, they feel, they look and they write.



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