An iterative design process and research towards the design of a soccer game for girls. Will girls ever love soccer as much as boys do?


For the master course Interactive Technology Design, we were challenged to design a soccer game that will attract girls. Unlike boys (who can play soccer for hours) girls are much easier bored of this ballgame, so what can we offer them?2 Co-creation sessions with 8-10 year old girls, gave us the answer to this question; Girls of this age have a rich, almost unlimited fantasy. While the boys can focus on one thing, the girls play all different kinds of games simultaneously, they will use multiple storylines, and everything is possible.

This analysis inspired us and made us realize that we would need to offer these children not just one game, added to a soccer field, but an endless amount of games and fantasies to keep their playing “alive”. The amazing thing about these kids is, that they can use almost anything to start a game, a story or a competition; therefore we now only just needed to give them a small hint. Which resulted in Plug

Plug contains 8 poles placed in a circle. The poles are robust and fixed to the ground. When a pole is touched, it will light up, when it is being touched a second time the light will turn off.
That is all we did, and then we watched...watched how an endless amounts of games were invented. Designed together with Jitske Wagner. In cooperation with TNO and the Johan Cruiff foundation



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